Obama energy plan ruinous

On March 8, President Obama lobbied members of his own party who control the Senate, asking them to kill the Keystone Pipeline bill that would bring oil from Canada to refineries In the United States. The president and Democrats won and the American people lost, effectively just tossing aside thousands of jobs and millions of barrels of oil to please the environmentalists.


This was done without consideration of the needs of the country he supposedly serves. Based on the actions this president has taken, it is obvious he is a malevolent force working against America and for the destruction of our society as we have known it! Liberal, socialist, Marxist – call it what you will, and it will fit!

The spin this election year is on the state of the economy, unemployment, and high gas prices!

The Obama administration bears responsibility for all these things, with its wrong-headed economic policies, its job-killing regulations and its absolute refusal to recover our own resources. We are blessed with the most abundant untapped energy reserves of anywhere on Earth. Oil is traded with the American dollar as the standard, but the Obama administration has caused the weakening of the dollar by its excessive spending, borrowing and printing of money, causing the price for a barrel of oil to escalate.

Everything that is grown, manufactured and/or transported has a fuel component cost. Inflation is the result!

Supply and demand, and a weak dollar, will force gasoline prices to the high levels the administration desires, and officials will lie and obfuscate about their responsibility while the people struggle. Yet, Democrats and other sycophants will continue to defend the indefensible, to the detriment of the rest of us.

Necessary energy independence will remain but a dream.

Robert Smock




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