We need to oppose this law

Maybe it is time for some peaceful civil disobedience to oppose the health care law. The following is a reason why.


The health care bill pushed through by the Obama administration includes a provision which requires religious-affiliated groups and organizations to provide no-cost contraception and some abortion-related services in the medical insurance they provide to employees outside the church.

These non-church employees work at hospitals, universities, schools and other centers established by the churches. This action especially affects the Catholic church, which is against birth control and abortion.

This action by the Obama administration is supported by the Department of Health and Human Services, which gave a one-year time frame to implement that part of the health care bill.

This is an attempt by the federal government to dictate the beliefs and conscience of religious groups. Freedom to practice one’s religion is a part of the First Amendment. The federal government’s actions seem to be another effort to curtail your liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

If religious organizations drop health care coverage, they face a penalty for violating the health care law.

When questioned by reporters, White House press secretary Jay Carney showed the arrogance of this administration by stating that there is no debate about the policy in the White House and that the decision has been made.

So not only is the health care law being forced on those Americans who did not want it, but now the administration is forcing Christians, especially a percentage of Catholics, to violate their religious beliefs and conscience.

Hopefully the Supreme Court will rule the bill unconstitutional or Obama will be voted out and the new president will repeal the law and we can start from scratch on reforming health care in America.

George J. Weber




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