Children need guidance

Parents have to do better in rearing and disciplining their children.


So much has been in the news lately regarding the misbehavior and criminal acts of children. Parents and/or guardians have to try harder to instill into children sound moral values – what is right and what is wrong, the need to respect their peers, teachers, and all those who have authority over them.

One wonders what degree of love and care some parents have for their children. In my view, it is evident many are not demonstrating the kind of love and care that children deserve and need in order to succeed and experience success in their communities.

Children don’t have the emotional and developmental maturity to express their inner turmoil that many are experiencing. It is up to the parent and/guardian to try to sort out causes of the external negative behaviors they are experiencing and apply some positive enforcement.

I recommend you engage in open conversation with your children and express to them that there are consequences to their choices and actions. Expose them to faith in a higher being. Great lifetime values can be learned in a house of worship.

Parents and/or guardians, I urge you to monitor very carefully the behaviors of your children, especially what they view on the TV, the music they listen to, the activities in which they engage and, especially, their friends.

There are so many community resources that can enhance the efforts of parents. These resources can serve as opportunities to supplement and reinforce what is hopefully being taught in the home. Involve them in activities that offer positive growth and development. We have to save our children.

Ellis M. Johnson




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