Phrase is worn-out cliche

If I hear one more city leader use the tired bromide “move the city forward,” I think I’ll scream!


Who doesn’t want to move this city forward? It’s just the we all have different versions of the city we want to see at the end of the process. How about if city leaders actually give us specifics? We’re grown-ups. We can take it.

Stop making deals behind our backs, then telling us the decisions you’ve made are for our own good. How about including us in the process from time to time? If city leaders did that, they might find there would be less of a circus-like atmosphere at Augusta Commission meetings.

But please, please try to be more articulate when you talk of plans for Augusta. Retire those four words “move the city forward,” and actually begin the work of making it happen.

William Davis




Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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