Paul -- what's not to like?

Friends repeatedly surprise me in conversations about whom they will support in the upcoming presidential elections by their dismissals of Ron Paul, my preferred candidate.


The Augusta Chronicle and the Associated Press articles it prints mimics my friends’ dismissals with scant coverage of Dr. Paul in comparison to Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, apparently supporting the preconception that “he is unelectable.” When I ask why, there is rarely negative feedback about his specific policies, but rather personal preferences – “I don’t like the way he talks,” or, in a false twisting of his position, “he would leave America defenseless against terrorism,” and so forth. What is there not to like about Ron Paul’s policies?

What do The Chronicle and some conservatives have against peace? What do you not like about the idea of bringing our troops home and actually defending America, instead of sending them abroad to “build” nations such as Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq? Do you seek to encourage more of the unending wars we have had since 1941 – of which only that first has met the constitutional demand that Congress declare war – to promote sales of your paper? Why do some dismiss the views of our own soldiers, who give more of their own money to Paul than to all other Republican candidates combined, and considerably more than they give to President Obama?

What do some liberals not like about Paul’s insistence that Americans should be free to work, and business firms free to hire, at prices the two agree upon, without being forced to join a dues-collecting union?

What do you oppose about Paul’s legislation to audit the Federal Reserve; to end the addition of yet more trillions of dollars to our government’s debt, which citizens will be forced to pay; to let Americans keep a higher percentage of their paychecks; and to restore a dollar backed by something more sound than congressional IOUs?

What do some Christians not like about Paul’s opposition to federal mandates to religious-based schools concerning what they must teach, or to hospitals and even to church organizations about what they must provide their employees and patients, even when those mandates violate the faith on which those institutions were founded?

What do you not like about Paul’s proposed bill that would effectively overturn Roe v. Wade and stop federal judges from dictating against those states that choose to protect life? What do you dislike about his Sanctity of Life Act, which would define a human life as beginning at conception?

Does The Chronicle only pretend to stand for the principle that all humans have a right to life, liberty and property? Why do many liberals mouth their support of human rights, and why do many conservatives appeal to a faith in God, then belittle the only candidate in this race who, for 24 years in Congress, has consistently supported tiny government; a true free market; a strong defense that does not roam the world seeking dragons to slay; and laws that leave all Americans free to pursue their own ends?

What do you not like about freedom?

Frank Williams




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