Studio could be restaurant

The new Augusta convention center is expected to be completed this summer. After attending a trade show, convention-goers will want to find a place to eat.


I have a suggestion for a use of the former WJBF television studio on Reynolds Street. This would be a perfect location for an upscale restaurant with a Channel 6 theme. There could be old TV cameras, old sets, such as for Trooper Terry, Bwana John and the Saturday Dance Party.

There must be a lot of pictures of on-air personalities and pieces of old equipment left from 50 years of broadcasting from that location.

It would be a shame for this building to sit empty like so many others do in Augusta. Worse, it could be demolished and we have another vacant lot. Let’s hope it will be put to a good use. By the way, my friend Kelley suggested it should be named “After 6.”

Michael Teffeteller




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