Community needs change

There are many issues in our community that demand immediate action.


Augusta’s Youth Development Campus has unraveled, and dirty details about how it operated are being exposed throughout the CSRA and beyond. Maybe our local legislative delegation can petition the state to close down this facility and relocate the detainees.

Richmond County inmates have walked off from work details. Maybe the Tobacco Road facility does not have adequate structure to deal with long-term inmates. Maybe the time is right to restructure the Tobacco Road facility and transform it into a transitional institution that could serve as a model throughout our state.

The time is past due for our local housing authority and public housing areas to be overhauled. Too much violence and unrest, too many killings and too many adult-age men with too much time on their hands. For the good of the community and the law-abiding citizens who live in these areas, let’s change these circumstances now!

Regarding the city’s new use of aerial photos to reveal more taxable property: I suggest using the spy plane to identify all blighted areas and properties, high-crime areas, abandoned cars, etc. More and more, we are losing our right to privacy – and to what end?

Remember that popular quote: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Brian Green




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