Teach discipline and focus

It is amazing that the school boards for both Richmond and Columbia counties are willing to furlough teachers and increase class sizes, but at no time do I recall any reduction of the administration.


When Columbia County built a new office for the school board, it went from a small complex of one level to a rather large building with three floors. Initially the third floor was not to be needed, but I am sure it is now in use. Before the time when Columbia County’s superintendent was appointed rather than elected, a much smaller staff was needed. Now it seems to call for more and more administrators and paperwork with less and less discipline in the schools.

I attended school when one principal and secretary ran the school ,with a teacher (in primary grades) who was with the class from roll call to dismissal at the end of the day. That staff was the judge and jury, and carried out any discipline as needed – no running to the school board about how mistreated the children were.

If the teachers are to educate, that education includes discipline – yet present-day students seem to think they are able to decide when and what work they do in school. I am impressed by the new “vocational” school that Richmond County is implementing. Having had the occasion to visit Harlem High School in the past, it also is impressive with its vocational aspect.

Since every student will not attend college, it is great to have an alternative education goal. My oldest daughter chose not to attend college out of high school, but went to Augusta Tech, worked for a couple of years, then attended college, which was an excellent choice. Many teenagers do not know what they want to do in life at 18 or 19 years old, so a couple of years of maturity can be very beneficial to their choice of vocation.

I am old enough that the prospect of being drafted into the military dictated my period of maturing. You either volunteered or were going to be drafted if you were physically fit, so no company was going to hire you and train you in any skilled position.

Jerry O. Knight



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