Merger sidelines students

It seems to me that the hot topic as of late has been the merger of Augusta State and Georgia health Sciences University.


As a student at Augusta State, I have always appreciated that student opinions were highly valued when it came to school decisions. Apparently this isn’t the case anymore. I was recently blindsided by the fact that I cannot apply to either ASU or GHSU nursing schools until the new college becomes accredited.

As a junior one course away from completing my core, this was an announcement I would have rather not heard. Since when have students become the minority? If it were not for us, there wouldn’t be a need for a school in the first place.

I understand that the merging of two very independent colleges means tough choices must be made, but they should be made with regard to the student body. A veil of secrecy has surrounded all discussions involved with the exception of the name of the new college. I think I speak for all of my fellow students when I say
it does not matter what name is on our degrees. What matters is that we get a good education by people who care.

We want to be included, and to know that our opinion matters. So to all those leading this merger I ask you one favor: Think about the students. It’s your job.

Catherine Hardy



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