Women's role is invaluable

In celebration of Women’s History Month:


Forty- to 90-year-old white guys are tenaciously holding on to a cultural and divine ideology that they alone are the leaders and determinants of this country’s shaping.

Yet in spite of their unwillingness to share the reins with people other than themselves, changes continue to occur slowly but surely. We are now in a period where women are prepared for leadership. Women and minorities are securing leadership positions in government and private industry, and that is how it should be.

For those who would refer to biblical readings to “prove” that women only can bear children and follow others, they misinterpret the thoroughness of its many meanings. For women who like this role of following, then this, too, is perfectly acceptable. The Bible’s teachings are designed to uplift people spiritually and morally, but certainly not to retard all other progress. If things were meant to be the same, we’d still be dragging our knuckles and clubbing women over their heads.

We are not puppets whose strings are being pulled by the Creator. We have free will, for better or worse. Free will, however, does not express or imply that one group should hold back the development of another. This is not enlightenment; it is simply selfishness and self-serving.

Men see themselves as being whole and complete within themselves. They are not the whole but the half. The other half of the human race is women – and where decisions are made in their absence, groups, institutions and processes suffer with deleterious effects.

There is an imbalance in the world. Women have the intellectual capability to work alongside men in the thinking endeavors that men do. While some wives and mothers might not share this view, you can bet that most of your daughters do!

Sameera V. Thurmond




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