Preserve free speech for all

I read with interest your March 14 editorial (“Call off the attacks”) regarding the efforts of a few well-known – some would say infamous – liberals to silence Rush Limbaugh and his right to free speech guaranteed by our First Amendment.


I found it particularly disgusting to see “Hanoi” Jane Fonda among those named. While her views are far too liberal for me, her behavior during the Vietnam War was reprehensible and resulted in untold pain and misery inflicted on our servicemen held as prisoners of war. I was deployed in the Republic of Vietnam at the time she visited Ho Chi Minh. She had no clue as to what the rank-and-file soldier thought of her actions. Had there been a treason trial for her – many thought that would have been appropriate, with her guilt presumed as a result of photographic evidence – there would have been no shortage of volunteers to serve on a firing squad for her. Despite her collaboration, I do not recall a public effort to deny her right to freedom of speech or expression of her political views, regardless of how wrongheaded.

Those of us who serve/have served in our country’s uniforms do so for many reasons – first and foremost, to preserve our democratic republic and the freedoms endowed by our Creator, which are subsequently enumerated in our Bill of Rights. I know of no one who serves, or has served, who did so to preserve or allow creation of a socialist/nanny state form of government. I surely did not. While I may not agree with a given point of view, I fully support your right to it. We all have the right to be wrong and in this case, despite Mr. Limbaugh’s poor choice of words, his right to free speech must be preserved. Fonda, Gloria Allred, Gloria Steinem and others of the same opinion are simply wrong.

President Obama has called for more civility in our national dialogue. Does he have the courage to weigh in here and accurately define this liberal effort to erode the American way? Or, by his phone call to Ms. Fluke, has he already clearly stated his position?

Cone S. Underwood


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