Obama's energy policies fail

I have read several reports that America has 1.4 trillion barrels of recoverable oil. That is enough for 250 years! When President Obama says that anybody who says we can drill our way out of high gas prices “doesn’t know what they are talking about,” either Obama doesn’t understand what he is talking about, or is lying.


So as gas prices skyrocket, the media would rather focus on a non-issue such as birth control and frame the Republicans as extreme while ignoring real bread-and-butter issues. I am waiting for the media to ask the Republican candidates, “When did you stop beating your wife?” The media loves the “gotcha” game and plays it to no end with conservatives – yet rarely addresses Obama’s prevarications.

Meanwhile, Obama wants to take credit for increases in American oil production. The reality is that Obama has slowed down the permitting process and is wasting billions of taxpayers’ dollars on “green” energy companies such as Ener1, a battery company touted in Obama’s State of the Union address that has now gone bankrupt. Obama has bet on green energy, and this bet with taxpayers’ dollars has failed.

Obama states that oil production and exports have gone up under his administration. Yes, oil production has increased. The fact is, that increase in production and exports is because of permits that President George W. Bush issued to the oil companies. Bush increased permits by 70 percent over President Clinton. Obama has actually cut permits being issued to oil companies by about 70 percent for deep-water and shallow-water oil production.

It takes about three to four years to bring oil into production, so the increase in oil production didn’t have its roots in the Obama administration. You can credit Bush for that!

David G. Brown



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