Facts don't support Obama

Responding to the letter “Don’t be too hard on Obama” (March 6): I sincerely thank writer David Thomas and deeply appreciate the honorable service he performed defending America, freedom and liberty. Being hard, prejudiced, mudslinging or hateful is not intended.


America’s status, under President Obama’s administration, is as follows:

• The nation’s credit rating dropped from AAA to AA-plus.

• The national debt increased from $9 trillion in 2008 to $15.5 trillion.

• Obama denied the Keystone pipeline, hopes of lower gas prices and thousands of jobs.

• The borrowing deficit is 40 percent, or 40 cents against every $1, and rising.

• In Obama’s three years, yearly unemployment has averaged 14.3 million. President Clinton’s eight-year average was 7 million. President George W. Bush’s eight-year average was 7.8 million. Obama has a staggering 104 percent increase over Clinton and an 83 percent increase over Bush. Since 1947, yearly unemployment has ranged from a 1953 low of 1.8 million to a 1983 high of 10.7 million. Never has America suffered with an unprecedented yearly average of 14.3 million people unemployed.

• The federal government, through bailouts, has improperly entangled itself in the private sector of General Motors. It owns 26.5 percent of GM, which has unfunded pension obligations of $27 billion, due in 2014.

Obama has failed to implement or operate under a budget for more than three years. He has shown unprecedented and flagrant disrespect for budget deadlines and obligations. Here are Obama’s administration budget failures:

• He missed budget deadlines more than any other president.

• In 90 years, from fiscal years 1923 to 2013, he’s the only president to miss deadline two years in a row.

• He is the only president to miss deadline in three years of a four-year term.

• He holds the record for the longest delay in submitting a budget – 98 days in FY 2010.

May God bless America!

William Thweatt

North Augusta, S.C.


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