Quit hating our president

Bring the beat in! It’s now time for me to defend against the hating, bashing and disrespect that is being shown toward President Obama by many irresponsible and racist Americans.


It’s imperative for me to speak up and accurately defend my president, whom I consider to be all of that and more as the sitting leader for all Americans regardless of race, creed and religion.

I’m amazed at all of his positive attributes that have made him a great first-term president. He has a brilliant and analytical mind; he has shown strong and remarkable presidential leadership for our nation; and he has been fair and respectful to all Americans. Our president has been a class act, and we as Americans should be thankful to God that we have such an honorable, distinguished, dedicated, hardworking, sensible, worthy, loyal and stellar American gentleman leading our great nation.

Am I to assume that many racist Americans are angry and jealous that this man of color is doing such a fantastic job in leading our nation? Are these racists disturbed that our president is not perpetuating stereotypes that they have attached to people of color?

Will these racists ever stop hating on our president because of the color of his skin? I don’t think so. It’s almost as if these individuals have hate genes in their DNA against people of color.

I’m convinced that Mr. Obama has the right stuff to be our president. He is the truth and answer for our nation, and he’s not going let racists rain on his parade with their ignorance and stupidity.

E. Maner



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