It's not the mess you think

Regarding the “Still a super mess” editorial March 8: You seem to be missing the point. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich do nothing but add to the viability of the Republican debate. Ron Paul is the icing on that cake.


These are actually wonderful times we’ve been privileged to endure. Each of these remaining candidates has served to enlarge the Republican message, rather than depreciating that message. The convention platform – if properly constructed in the light of the different angles each of these candidates will bring to that event – should truly engage our most salient points against the Obama jumble of moral equivocation and political pander.

You mention Columbia County as if this should be some sort of Republican bastion, yet for some reason 75 percent of these folks couldn’t make it to the ballot box Tuesday. Even a turnout as pathetic as the 2008 primary (about 40 percent) would’ve sufficed to put Gingrich over the 50 percent mark (the number you used to indicate Romney had been “crushed”). The problem is lack of interest.

In November, and starting somewhat before then, the Democrats will attempt to pull the same stunt they used in ’08 – a massive registration of “new” voters and submission of absentee ballots filled out by Obama organization workers to inflate their supposed electoral presence, perhaps even in Columbia County.

However, in this state the Democrats’ only effect will be in some marginal legislative districts (U.S. Rep. John Barrow?). For pity’s sake, John McCain carried Georgia, and remember the slam in the runoff between U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Jim Martin when none of the Obama patrons followed up? Between now and, say, September, it will be mandatory that people (even in safe Columbia County) who are serious about stopping the Obama train wreck mobilize behind the Republican nominee, regardless of his past.

These present travails will be a distant memory, if not forgotten, by then, and we’ll have two months yet to build momentum to stifle any Obama tricks.

George Ransom


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