Romney alone showed class

Three contenders for the Republican nomination for president – Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney – spoke Tuesday after their primary wins.


Gingrich spoke on and on in his superior professorial style, comparing himself to a tortoise among a bunch of bunnies in the race to the nomination. No matter what your opinion of the former House speaker is, he’s not dumb. He’s staying in this race for the exposure and has zero illusions of ever occupying the White House. He’ll surely get a book or two out of the experience.

Santorum spoke in Steubenville, Ohio, even though he’d not won that state. He was quite confident he would. Much of his performance had to do with references to his family and denigrating the actions of our current president. His exit was pure theater as he guided his 93-year-old mother off the stage. However, this self-canonized candidate showed a nasty side in his inability to resist a swipe at Mitt Romney, essentially calling Romney a liar regarding Massachusetts’ health care.

Romney used the occasion, with the help of his wife, Anne, to thank his supporters. He took some critical aim at Obama, but he referred to his competition – Gingrich, Paul and Santorum – as fine and good men. Santorum might, for a least a few minutes, stop advertising his sanctity and emulate Romney’s simple courtesy.

Gene Rickaby



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