Obama misguided on energy

President Obama’s energy plan appears to decrease the amount of oil produced in America because the number of permits issued to explore for oil has been cut by 70 percent under President Obama.


To fill the need for energy, Obama wants to use a battery that doesn’t exist yet, and algae technology that is not even close to commercially applicable. So far Obama has wasted more than $3 billion of taxpayers’ money on these types of pie-in-the-sky projects. These projects include the companies Ener1, Solyndra and Abound.

Obama says that “oil is the energy of the past.” He may think that, but it is here now – abundant in America and available! America has more than 1.3 trillion barrels of recoverable oil! When Obama says we can’t drill our way out of this and anyone who says we can “doesn’t know what they are talking about,” he is simply wrong.

I would rather try drilling our way out rather than have America depend on technology that doesn’t exist. It hasn’t worked for Obama for the past three years, and I don’t think it will work in the future.

David Brown




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