'Brevity is the soul of wit'

This is a rave for Deputy Editorial Page Editor Joe Hotchkiss’ column March 4 about the composition and complexity of the Richmond County special-purpose sales and use tax proposal (“Do I agree with this ballot question? Not in so many words”). Did you notice that the entire italicized, 361-word entry was punctuated as only two sentences?

This caused me to revisit William Shakespeare’s “kill all the lawyers” quote in Henry VI to see if that should be the next step taken in Richmond County. I was surprised to learn that dear Will actually was subtly underscoring the important role lawyers play in preserving peace and order in our society.

So, take it easy. Joe made a good point, and closed with what would have been a helpful opening summary paragraph on the ballot question. Perhaps future ballot proposal writers will start with a summary paragraph like the one he provided.

Judson DeLany




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