Don't be too hard on Obama

I must respond to the letters “Labor numbers are fudged” by Robert Smock (March 1) and “The case for tossing them” by Steve R. Smith (Feb. 29).


Some of these negative comments that Mr. Smock and Mr. Smith said in these letters about President Obama are not true, or not totally true. Although Mr. Obama has made a few mistakes – and I don’t agree on a few things he has done as president – he is doing the best he can. Mr. Obama has done some good things to help get more jobs here, etc., in the United States. I think Congress should try to work with Mr. Obama more to help fix many of the problems in the United States.

Besides, no president is perfect or can satisfy every person in this world.

I am a veteran and a registered voter. Most of the incumbents who got elected to Congress were supported and helped into office by this new Tea Party movement in 2010. Now Mr. Smith wants to toss these incumbents out.

Other people in this new Tea Party movement also have said some false, negative comments about Mr. Obama, and some Tea Party members are prejudiced against Mr. Obama. Credibility is important to me, and we should all get the facts from reliable sources about what is really going on in the United States.

Mr. Smock and Mr. Smith either hate Mr. Obama or support an opposing candidate – or they are both on some kind of mudslinging agenda against the president.

David Thomas




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