Enforce student discipline

As a school bus driver for Columbia County, I have seen and heard a lot of things in the past 16 years.


When we have problems on our buses, we are instructed by the CCBOE Department of Transportation to write up a discipline report and turn it in to our administrators. The DR is handled mostly by assistant principals.

Most of the time, DRs are handled without any punishment to the precious little snowflakes because the administrators are so scared to make a parent mad or bruise a child’s self esteem. In one recent week, I have had a child cuss me, stick another child with a pencil, refuse to listen to me, refuse to stay in the seat and more. One of my DRs was returned to me with, “The child was told to respect adults,” and a message was left for the parent. Another one stated the child was told to keep his hands to himself, and the school spoke to a parent – and that is all!

This may sound petty to some, but with more than 45 kids behind me, yelling, sticking one another with pencils and cussing me, I am expected to make sure they are safe; behave; stay seated; be Mama, Daddy and counselor; be cheerful; and obey all traffic laws. Sadly, you see the support we get from our administrators.

Regarding to the Charlie Rape Gang, I can understand why some children do not report a problem at school. They may see things the way I see them – it is a waste of time to expect some administrators to “have our backs.”

To initially assign two days of suspension in this incident was a joke. The juvenile justice system in Columbia County has been a joke statewide for decades. Many children on my bus are very well-behaved and are exceptional children. The others? I hope their favorite color is orange, because I am afraid some of them may be wearing it often in years to come.

I love my job, and I pray I am able to continue for many years! This is a plea to our administrators: Listen to the peons sometimes. We may be able to help you do your job better. The small voices in the back row may be the only voice you hear.

Pamela Sullivent




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