Quit excluding religion

The recent give-and-take on President Obama’s mandate for Christian groups to provide abortion and contraception, and presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s stand on other social issues, has brought out again the church-state issue. However, the most powerful force for religion in American is once again getting a free ride – public education.


“What?” you say. “Public education does not teach religion.” I beg to differ. Christians are regularly denied their civil rights to free speech on school and college campuses, while atheism is taught to the point of indoctrination for 12 years to those who graduate high school and 16 or more years for those who graduate college or higher. This denial and indoctrination is a double whammy in favor of turning out students with no moral values other than the religion of the state. (Oh, by the way, more than once the “infallible” Supreme Court has declared atheism a religion.)

It is well-documented that secularists in the 19th century planned the takeover of the schools for these purposes. They have greatly succeeded.

I am not sure that our country has a future other than totalitarianism with these self-absorbed, government-dependent and devoid-of-values graduates of government schools. Praise God there are many exceptions. And parents, day-by-day and year-by-year, keep sending their children for this indoctrination.

Many of our Founding Fathers told us repeatedly that our nation could not survive without the personal ethics of a biblical faith. Yet, officially in our schools and in our government, we de facto have the opposite – an official state religion. We deserve what we get in social and government justice for allowing this situation.

Ed Payne, M.D.



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