Labor numbers are fudged

The Obama Labor Department announces that the jobless rate has fallen to 8.3 percent. If it seems too good to be true, it is!


Keep in mind that this is an election year, and keep in mind who is running for re-election and who controls the numbers we’re given. Many people in responsible positions disagree with those numbers and call them faked. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, for instance – by factoring in the number of jobless people who have just given up looking for work (1.2 million in one recent month alone, with perhaps a total of 3 million overall) – places the unemployment rate at 15 percent as of Feb. 16, not 8.3 percent!

The underemployed rate – people who have found either part-time work or work at lower pay and skill levels – is somewhere over 19 percent! Gallup polling also reinforces these higher numbers. So would you not think that in an election year the Obama administration is misrepresenting these numbers to make things look more rosy from the public perspective?

They are once again counting on fooling an uninformed public. The illusionist has cast his spell on a gullible audience that is hungry for some good news, whether fabricated or not.

If the economy is indeed improving, it is not because of the Obama administration’s policies, but regardless of them. They are destroyers of opportunity, not creators, and our standard of living and our country diminishes! The shredding of the U.S. Constitution continues. We have seen the inclination of Barack Obama toward dictatorial actions. The Chicago mob-like tactics, the arrogance, dishonesty and ineptitude are all there for public viewing, but it will be nothing compared to the tyranny we will experience in an Obama second term! Guaranteed!

Robert Smock




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