Legal guns aren't problem

In response to the Rev. Paul Cook’s Feb. 4 letter (“We need stricter gun laws”): We already have enough gun laws on the books already. The problem is that they are not enforced. The law-abiding people are not the ones committing the crimes. It is the criminals.


A question for the Rev Cook: Where did the perps who shot and killed two police officers get the guns? They couldn’t have gotten them legally because they were felons. One of them had two federal gun violations. Why was he out free?

The judicial system is at fault. A felon with a federal violation should have been locked up with no chance of getting out. If you want to blame someone, blame the bleeding-heart lawyers and the judges who let the felons walk the street instead of putting them in jail. I am a death-penalty advocate, and I hope those two felons pay the ultimate penalty.

In Great Britain, they have strict gun laws. The people have no guns to protect themselves, but the felons have them.

Privacy was the main culprit in the shooting of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The shooter has mental problems. Why was it not known by the authorities? Privacy of his medical records. Had they known, it might have been prevented.

Woodrow Short

Aiken, S.C.

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