Oppose abortion logically

Regarding Craig Douglas Albert’s defense of Obama’s yielding to pressure from the Catholic Church over birth control (“Mandate has silver lining,” Feb. 19):


The only thing standing between us and World War III is birth control. Our planet cannot sustain its more than 7 billion people for long with current technology. We already are beginning to fight over water rights, CO2 output, oil and housing. Overpopulation begets war and destroys nature.

Without birth control, world population would at least quadruple within two generations. Attempting to use abstinence, the average woman would have her two or three children by age 20 and then be asked to not have sex anymore. This is simply not possible. It is a complete disregard for human nature to ask this of us.

There is no biblical opposition to contraception. Birth control was not an issue during biblical times. Family size meant wealth in agrarian society. Genesis may say “go forth and multiply,” but that was 7 billion people ago.

Abortion also is not covered in the Bible except, if we stretch it a bit, by a brief mention of a fine imposed for causing a woman to miscarry – clearly not punished as though it were murder. And Deuteronomy 21:18-21 tells us to stone our rebellious children to death. Abortion apparently is biblically permitted up to age 18.

If you don’t like abortion (and I don’t like it myself), you have to argue against it logically, rather than invoking God’s will by pulling ambiguous biblical references out of context. You cannot impose legal restrictions based on religious belief in a free nation that plays host to all beliefs as equal citizens.

It is irresponsible of the Catholic Church (and any church of any religion) to deny its followers access to contraception. Please don’t destroy my planet. I have no where else to go.

Joseph Klar


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