Punishment was too light

On Feb. 14 at Lakeside Middle School, a group of boys that call themselves the CRG – Charlie Rape Gang – were reported to administrators and taken in for disciplinary action. The purpose of this “gang” is to corner students, mostly in the gym locker room, and sexually harass them. If the victim fights back, they get into trouble and suspended.

I heard from my son that the students got punishments of no more than a few days of out-of-school suspension. In the student code of conduct, it states that any act of sexual harassment is punished with long-term suspension or expulsion. Some are implying that the reason the boys did not receive harsher punishment is because the administration does not want it to “look bad on its report card.”

As a parent, I am appalled that authority figures would be more concerned with their school’s appearance than the safety and welfare of the children who attend that school. What message does that send to these boys? They get to stay home for a couple days and then when they get back they can continue with their behavior. Hopefully they won’t take it out on the children who actually had the courage to report them.

Cara Doran




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