AP keeps going negative

On Feb. 19, an Associated Press story was run by most of the nation’s 1,500 newspapers that attacked the New York City Police Department for having the gall to monitor Muslim college students, with 12 students arrested on terrorism charges.


In the Feb. 19 story, there were 63 negatives by AP against the NYPD, FBI and CIA, and 13 positives. It’s a scientific study, which doesn’t belong in the same sentence with journalism, since they’ve never conducted one about AP or the liberal national media. They just run the damaging stories.

Let’s see if ol’ sneaky AP and 1,500 newspapers have ever teamed up before in supporting Muslim terrorists:

• On Nov. 2, 2006, we read AP’s support for Al-Jazeera’s terrorist TV channel in America, calling it “taboo smashing,” while Accuracy In Media said “it could mean defeat in the global war for survival.”

• On Feb. 7, 2011, in a story about South Carolina wanting to prevent state courts from enforcing foreign law, including Islamic Sharia law – which calls for the killing of homosexuals and allows the beating of wives – AP’s story had 15 negatives toward the proposed anti-Sharia measure and only four pluses.

• On Jan. 31, 2011, AP referred to the Muslim Brotherhood, which believes in Sharia law, as “overtly pious” or reverent.

• On Nov. 25, AP praised late hits on NFL quarterbacks by linemen as a legitimate chance to win games, while condemning America for waterboarding terrorists, saying “it’s torture” (Nov. 13), and a “harsh technique” and an “unnecessarily violent tactic” (AP, May 2).

Let’s see: Terrorists 5, America 0, which for anti-democracy AP is a good score. We don’t need Al-Jazeera terrorist TV. Just use AP and the existing 1,500 newspapers and major TV networks. Why not use conservative NewsMax instead for some stories?

Tom Hunter




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