Obama's policies destructive

I am sure that President Obama’s minions are going to scream “foul!” at my suggestion that he has crossed the line from president to dictator in chief who wants to be king.


His latest assault on our Constitution, forcing religious institutions to supply birth control by law, is another infringement of the people’s rights and a breach of separation of church and state.

Obama’s servile dependents haven’t got a clue as to the ramifications of his supposed acts of generosity. He smiles at the masses, tells a little joke disarming them, then goes in for the kill telling them that he knows what is best for them.

The gall of this man has no bounds. He pushed the health-care bill through behind closed doors denying anyone the right to challenge it. He has systematically injected government into the lives of the American people taking away one right after another.

People may think Obama is the knight in shining armor who robs from the rich and gives to the poor, but he has stolen the rights of the people either to be prosperous or to fail in their endeavors.

He has denied the people the right to have goals to reach by enabling those who are too lazy or inept to make any effort at all, because he will give simply give it to them. What he has done is misuse taxpayers’ money to ingratiate himself to people who could care less if this country goes the way of the Roman Empire.

He is a destroyer of free will, putting into place his idea as to what he thinks we should be, which ignores the Constitution. His despicable acts have taken us one step closer to being destroyed as a nation.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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