War against Iran suicidal

There are at least 10 countries that possess nuclear weapon capabilities today. Over the past eight years, Iran’s development of nuclear facilities has been under heavy suspicion and accompanied by its aggressive rhetoric and hostile actions against Israel and the United States by extension.

A letter in The Wall Street Journal Feb. 15 (“Let’s think through striking Iran”) refers to the assumption by Feb. 8 op-ed authors Charles Robb and Charles Wald (“Bolstering the military option on Iran”) that the United States and Israel could perform effective surgical strikes against Iran’s nuclear and military installations to prevent Iran’s aggressive objective to wipe out Israel and achieve dominance in the Middle East.

A pre-emptive war without overwhelming forces and massive international support would be suicidal and bankrupt our own country’s resources! Remember, we held the Soviets at bay for 40 years with a policy of “mutually assured destruction.” Even radical Muslims don’t want to be annihilated voluntarily, with all their power disappearing to nothing.

S.G. von Schweinitz




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