Let us choose on smoking

Concerning the proposed smoking ban in bars: How you feel about smoking is not the issue. We all know it is not good for you. What is at issue is our freedoms and liberty. If you are in favor of this ban, you are letting the government decide what is best for you, and you support government interference in your personal lives, your freedom of choice and your personal liberty.

This is just one step. What’s next? Why is it OK for the government to tell private business owners what they can do with a legal product in their bars? If some bar owners make their bars smoke-free, that’s great. It’s their business, not the government’s. So what is wrong with bar owners letting their customers smoke? No one is forcing anyone to go to a bar that allows smoking, and no one is forcing anyone to work there, either.

Your freedom is at stake. Let us choose. Don’t let the government choose for us.

Donnie Summers




Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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