Fight the real enemy

A recent poll of prospective voters showed that President Obama would win re-election over Mitt Romney – should Romney be the Republican nominee – by 52 to 43 percent. This represents a profound turnaround from a month ago, when Romney was favored to win in a head-to-head matchup with the president by similar figures.


What events have occurred recently that could have changed the political winds so significantly? Obama’s job-killing rejection of the Keystone Pipeline project? His probably unconstitutional pro forma recess appointments of union extremists to the National Labor Relations Board? Or the incessant, negative, personal attacks the Republican candidates have been leveling at one another? I believe it’s the attacks.

While not a devoted fan of any one of the GOP candidates, I remain steadfast in the belief that another four-year continuation of the Obama administration’s misguided policies will result in the effective demise of our beloved republic. I would emphatically urge the remaining candidates to confine their rhetoric to defining specific ways to lead us out of the jobs and debt crises facing the nation, and illuminating the differences between their proposals and those of the current administration, rather than succumbing to their own egos by attempting to demonize Republican rivals.

The GOP seems to have lost sight of the real opponent in this election year.

Terry Bedell




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