Page treats Obama shabbily

The Augusta Chronicle’s editorial page has sunk to a new low in pursuing its incessant campaign to demonize and discredit President Obama.


The Jan. 18 editorial cartoon plays on the recent shipwreck in the waters off the Italian coast, portraying the capsized vessel as the United States and Obama as the captain of the sinking ship and holding a sign asking to be re-elected. If this was meant to be humorous, it was anything but. I don’t think the families of the passengers and crew who died in the mishap and those who are still missing would find any humor in the cartoon.

I can’t help but wonder how vehemently you would complain if this shameful episode was perpetrated by Bill Maher or other liberals in the “mainstream media” whom you subject to criticism for making comments you consider to be crude and uncalled-for.

The members of your editorial board should look in the mirror the next time they feel the urge to scold people for what they consider reprehensible behavior.

David Lorenzatti

McCormick, S.C.



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