Don't gripe about free lunch

Patsy Braswell, author of the Jan. 20 letter to the editor “School skimps on lunch,” ought to reconsider her feelings on her niece’s so-called “humiliating” lunch.


The school system gives a child free food, and she complains? What a lesson of ingratitude she is teaching to her. While the school certainly should have allowed her niece to call home for her lunch, it is unreasonable to expect the school system to be responsible for feeding the child a “substantial” lunch without due payment.

The bread, cheese and fruit would have afforded her child enough starch, protein and fiber for the rest of the day. The only way that forgetting a lunch could affect her growth is if this occurred on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, far too many children charge lunch and do not repay the cafeteria until the end of the year, if at all. That is why most schools no longer allow students to charge.

Saying that her child was “humiliated” by having food to eat at lunch is ridiculous. The lunchroom gave her food when it was not its duty to do so.

Also, the children who receive free lunches sign up for the program at the beginning of the year based on financial need.

I fully understand the aunt’s concern for her niece’s nutrition. However, instead of criticizing the school for not performing up to her entitled standards, perhaps this could be an opportunity to teach her niece some responsibility.

Marianna Hagler




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