Lay off Newt, regulations

I would like to comment on two subjects.


First, let’s quit beating up on Newt Gingrich. He is the only Republican candidate who has a proven conservative track record in Congress; he has studied and lectured on history and politics; his private life is in order; and he can be trusted to strive to accomplish what he says he will.

Also, the present political party in power is endeavoring more and more to create class warfare.

They – President Obama, his Cabinet and Congress – continually put down the so-called rich, even though most of them are the ones who produce jobs, products and services. This party constantly promotes taking from the producers and giving to the nonproductive.

Instead of punishing corporations for sending jobs overseas, they should reward the ones that stay in the United States by reducing the tax burden, which eventually the consumer pays for, and reducing the burdensome regulations imposed on every producing person or entity. This will encourage businesses to stay here.

The smallest businesses have such a burden of regulations and taxes that it is very hard to produce a profit and stay in business.

There are so many government entities – federal, state and local – making regulations that no individual could possibly adhere to them all. Many regulations contradict one another.

It is a complicated learning curve for new politicians entering public service. Hopefully they will not be tainted by the old cronies.

Charles M. Stone




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