Class warfare disgusting

For all those who fancy themselves as being in step with the Occupy movement, and all those who advocate wealth redistribution, and those who believe socialism/communism is the way to go: If you worship at the feet of Big Government, the late Soviet dictator Josef Stalin described you aptly! To him, you were “useful idiots.”


If you think you have not advanced in life to the point that you are satisfied with your position, and it’s someone else’s fault, I have news for you: Most likely the fault lies within yourselves, because like most of us, you were not willing to do the hard things necessary to attain your goals – provided you had any to begin with!

So now you expect to have access to someone else’s wealth simply because you feel someone has to do for you, and you are entitled! If this is your mind-set, then you are a true Democrat! The party has for years stressed those most undesirable human traits of greed and envy, and played them for political gain. They have disguised and hidden their own wealth while calling vociferously for attacks on the wealthy.

Nancy Pelosi is an outstanding example of this hypocritical behavior. She and her husband are multimillionaires, yet she invokes the familiar Democrat message of class envy while castigating the wealthy, and hiding the fact of her own obscene wealth hoping you won’t notice! I am not troubled by what someone else has, but their blatant hypocrisy is disgusting!

Probably every Democrat in Congress, and the president, are at least millionaires, sometimes using information gained from their position to obtain wealth. Yet class envy is their game, and they play it as if they were themselves penniless!

Robert Smock




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