Real patients are victims too

In response to the letter “Health system is abused” (Jan. 20), I sincerely hope that the writer never has to experience the living nightmare an individual such as myself experiences daily.


While you visited the emergency room for a cut that no doubt needed medical attention, I was transported to Medical College of Georgia Hospital recently because of chronic pain related to the terminal cancer I suffer from. I arrived by ambulance in desperate need of pain and anxiety medication. I have neither insurance nor Medicaid as of yet. I am permanently disabled because of the cancer as well as a terminal lung disorder.

Our beloved government, for whatever reason, makes disabled Americans wait two years before we can have Medicare. Medicaid in most states covers nearly nothing if you have any income. I worked and paid into the system for more than 25 years and cannot get help with two – not one, but two – terminal diseases, because our government says I haven’t been sick long enough.

I am not oblivious to the writer’s frustration, but he should please try to have some degree of empathy for those of us who do not manipulate the system. We simply have no other alternatives. I did not ask to get cancer. I did not ask to get a lung disorder. The fact that the writer is, as he says, a paying patient, gives him no priority over those of us who, in his opinion, are simply looking for free narcotics and/or health care.

I pray the writer never experiences the pain and anguish I live with every day. May good health always follow him. I hope he tries to understand that not everyone abuses the system. Some of us are victims of it as well!

Richard Kramer

North Augusta, S.C.

Health system is abused


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