Ron Paul promises change

Is he electable? That’s the question I hear when speaking about the GOP presidential campaign.


People want a candidate that is electable. My question is: Why vote for someone who will keep us on the same course we have been on for years? Past GOP presidents may not have pushed us down the road toward socialism as fast as our current president has, but they have pushed us still.

All the current candidates are big-government, big-spending Republicans who may slow down the rate but still expand the government’s role in our lives.

With one exception – Ron Paul. Ron Paul has a serious desire to reduce the government’s size and effect on our lives. His past record is evidence of his position.

The common complaint is that he wants to bring our troops home, and people feel that would weaken our power. We are borrowing money from our biggest enemy to defend ourselves against them. We need to concentrate our efforts both fiscally and militarily at home and rebuild here.

We should stay out of other countries and let them have the governments they want. In the past we have set up new leaders and governments, only to have to fight them in a few years. Our foreign policy has been defective for many years, and we are reaping the problems we created. We must leave others alone (remember “do unto others”?).

We have, in the past, voted for the lesser of two evils – which still gives us evil. We must elect someone who will change the status quo. Ron Paul is the change we want and need.

David Densmore

North Augusta, S.C.



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