Let God guide your vote

Regarding the Jan. 13 editorial “Our nation can be saved,” how can any God-fearing person who believes in America, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution penned by our Founding Fathers believe our nation can be saved by re-electing a president who has:


• downgraded America’s AAA credit rating to AA-plus, placing America’s credit rating equal to Belgium and New Zealand;

• devastated the economy;

• driven unemployment off the charts;

• Responsibility for “bail out” disasters;

• attempted to destroy the successful, self-sustaining, optimistic, risk-taking, reward-based culture that has sustained America;

• publicly stated that America is not a Christian nation;

• called President Bush irresponsible and unpatriotic for increasing the national debt by almost $4 trillion during his eight-year administration. President Obama, in only four years, has almost doubled the nation’s debt from $8.5 trillion to more than $15 trillion. Who is irresponsible and unpatriotic?

Obama believes in entitlement; spreading the wealth, whether earned or not; tolerance to everything; and relativism.

He doesn’t believe America was founded on biblical principles!

He doesn’t believe America should be a God-fearing nation!

Perhaps therein lies the problem.

Good grief, Americans! Be silent no more! Reject complacency! Embrace boldness, patriotism and godliness! Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war! We are all God’s children and the sheep of His pasture. God has shed His grace upon thee!

God has blessed each of us with a freedom of choice, a mind, a brain and a heart. May we use our God-given gifts, and our American privilege of voting, with wisdom and discernment in November. Don’t use it for our own selfish, prideful agenda; for President Obama’s agenda; or for the agenda of whoever is the Republican nominee. May we cast our ballots in God’s honor, His glory and His praise!

William “Bill” Thweatt

North Augusta, S.C.



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