Obama treats vets shabbily

President Obama should be given credit for his uncanny ability to be the most manipulative, conniving president that this country has ever seen.


He has totally ignored the veterans of our country up until the past few months. When doing battle with the Republicans over his jobs bill, he threatened to hold up our compensation checks. He even had the audacity to announce that he might be cutting military pay. As it is, he gutted our military – weakening our country’s standing in the world – then had the gall to throw us a bone by signing a bill that gives employers a break on taxes if they hire a vet, when no one is hiring.

Obama thinks we veterans are as naïve as the sheep who follow him, but his motives to court the veterans vote should be obvious to everyone. If he really cared about our military and its veterans, he would have supported our combat troops from the get-go. Instead, he showed his insincerity again regarding an American and former Marine – sentenced to death in Iran for allegedly being a CIA spy – by not demanding his immediate release.

This issue doesn’t seem to be of any urgency, but his administration is up in arms over four Marines urinating on a dead Taliban soldier and wants to throw the book at them. The act is disdainful at best, but it pales in comparison to not prosecuting the armed Black Panthers at a polling place.

As usual, Obama and his administration have a very strange sense of what is right and wrong. With Iran’s support, terrorists can cut the heads off Americans and kill us with roadside bombs – and we apologize.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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