Trust Paul's policies

Syndicated columnist Samuel Francis coined the phrase “Stupid Party” for the current-era Republican Party. Most true conservatives would agree with him.


We have Mitt Romney, who ran as a moderate, pro-choice Republican for U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy and lost. We have Newt Gingrich, who sat on a sofa with Nancy Pelosi and spouted platitudes about global warming. And we have Ron Paul, a physician and a libertarian conservative who many Republicans want to put in the closet as if he is the crazy uncle in the family.

Of the three men listed, Ron Paul is the only candidate who is saying the same thing today that he said 25 years ago. He is being taken more seriously in this election than in others. Why? Look at the state of our federal government under the leadership of our so-called smart politicians.

The argument I hear from friends against Ron Paul is they fear his foreign policy. My response is that for the past 20 years, we have been closing military bases in America only to build new ones abroad. Ron Paul wants to bring troops home from Europe, Japan and Korea. These countries/regions are economically strong enough to defend their borders and pay for their own defenses, while we are not.

Regarding Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements on the House floor in May last year coincide with Ron Paul’s desire to bring American troops home and end foreign aid. Netanyahu said that America doesn’t “need to do nation-building in Israel. We’re already built. You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it. You don’t need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves.”

People will say for political expediency that Ron Paul will ignore Israel in her time of need. People say all kind of things about Ron Paul. I will say this: I do not believe that Ron Paul, as president, will ignore Israel in her time of need.

Carl Mixon




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