Ads do more harm than good

Republicans are handing Democrats ammunition for President Obama’s second term.


The Democratic National Committee will need to spend very little money to defeat any Republican nominee. They will only need to continue running the TV ads that current and former Republican candidates spent millions to create to defeat their Republican rivals.

There’s Mitt Romney with his corporate ties; Newt Gingrich with his Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ties; Ron Paul with his “let’s secede from the entire world” and “let’s legalize drugs” views; and Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry with their “kill Romney” ads!

Where is the guidance for these candidates that should be provided by the Republican National Committee? Why isn’t Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC, speaking out? Back in the fall of 2011, every conservative was saying that since Obama cannot run on his past performance, any of the Republican candidates could defeat Obama, and that Obama would only be able to use attack ads against whomever the RNC nominees!

Well, the DNC needs only to use the ads that are currently being produced by the Republican candidates.

William Zimmerman




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