School skimped on lunch

I would like The Augusta Chronicle, school board members, the CSRA and parents of pupils at Rollins Elementary School to know about a matter that took place Jan. 3.


My niece forgot her lunch that was prepared for her at home. She had a lunch ticket, and thought she had a day’s lunch on it because she hadn’t received any type of pink slip saying her ticket had expired. The lunchroom staff told her they would give her two slices of bread and cheese and a fruit cup for lunch.

They didn’t even give her the opportunity to call her parents or any other family members to bring the lunch or money to her so she could have a substantial lunch. Plus, it was very humiliating to my niece to have to sit with her classmates and eat what she had, while they had a very good, substantial lunch. Plus, the children who receive free lunches ate better.

I don’t think you should show a difference between any children.

Get this: Richmond County talks about good nutrition. I don’t call a piece of cheese between slices of bread nutrition.

I hope this never happens again to any child.

Patsy Braswell



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