Quit killing our offspring

Thirty-nine years ago, on Jan. 21, 1973, our Supreme Court said “yes” to abortion on demand, legalizing the killing of any unborn baby, for any or no reason.


That day, America embarked on a slippery downhill road – a treacherous trail to a depth most of us would never have imagined.

In less than four decades, Americans have exterminated more than 50 million living babies – more than 75,000 in Augusta alone – all the offspring these future adults would have reproduced, and all the fruit of their lives that would have developed on Earth. This slide has continued with attempts to undermine marriage and the family in every possible way; legalize gay marriage; glorify the sin of homosexual activity; push for every form of perversion; and doggedly try to banish God and His ways from Americans’ lives. Who thought this could happen to the greatest, most blessed nation on Earth?

If we will be honest and courageous enough to look further down this fatal path, we might see the following:

Assisted suicide could become common, and legalized euthanasia put into standard practice. This is defined as a “duty to die” for the higher good of the greater populace. The cost of socialistic, universal health care would require the elderly, feeble and “too expensive” to care for to be “put down” – a computer-generated, mandated death date, no questions asked.

Abortion could take on a very different look as it moves from optional to mandatory, as in China today. Then, parents would get to keep only one child that the Lord had given them, and be required to abort all the other children He gives them. The cost to maintain multiple children would be deemed too expensive for the health-care system to cover.

Christianity could be banned in all public activity, and speaking out for your faith would likely be punishable by imprisonment or worse. Churches could be forbidden and closed, and all their rights taken away. We can’t fathom these atrocities. We can, however, read Romans 1:18-32 to get a better understanding.

All this is because we disobeyed God and took into our own hands the determination of who gets to live and die. If killing our offspring is considered acceptable, what isn’t?

Do Americans still care enough about their country to make the effort to restore it to its former greatness?

Gary Garner



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