Music should praise God

In case you missed it, on the front page of The Augusta Chronicle Jan. 13, here was a quote from one of the stories:


“We are thrilled to announce, that after more than 13 years, the incomparable Elton John will once again grace the stage of the James Brown Arena.”

One night after work, Brent, my 23-year-old son, and his girlfriend were at our house. So was Bradley, my 15-year-old, who is quite a good drummer. I made a big deal saying, “Have you guys heard the big news? Elton John is coming to Augusta in March!”

The reaction was quick from all three: So what? Who would want to go to that? I had a good laugh with them and was pleased. Wow, Mom and Dad have done all right.

Then with prompting in my spirit, I told Bradley that when I was his age, Elton John was my favorite artist, and that I had an album called Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and that I listened to it so much that I knew all the words to all the songs. One of those songs talks about homosexuality. That was in 1974.

Bradley said, “Why did you listen to junk like that?” I could only say that I was blind. Instead of memorizing Bible verses, I memorized mainstream music 40 years ago.

So I can officially say that I am not going to the Elton John concert, and my family isn’t either. But I might just go to Winter Jam next month where the groups on the same stage will be praising and worshipping the one, true, holy God. One of those artists is Kari Jobe, who came to The Sanctuary last year.

I thank my Lord who opened up my eyes and has done the same for my boys! And we should pray that a bunch of young people go to Winter Jam and not to Elton John.

Tracy Carter




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