Message belongs in church

I received a call from a friend, dismayed that there had been no mention of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at a Sunday church service here in Augusta.


Well, church isn’t the place for politics, current events or other touchy topics, you may say. But isn’t church where we hear the lessons of the Good Samaritan and the Golden Rule? Isn’t it there that we are taught that God created man in His image and gave us each a soul?

Wasn’t it Dr. King, a preacher from Georgia, who led us to re-examine our convictions about God-given human dignity and led us to a higher moral plane – changes that were fundamental to America becoming a world leader in social justice?

We have come a long way. Never again will our young people think it’s normal for children of one color to always get the new schoolbooks, the hot popcorn and the closest seats. It took a long time and, while we should be proud of our progress, we should question why it took so long.

But back to the church service. If we depend on our church to keep us in touch with our conscience and align our moral compass, do we not need relevance as well as ritual?

E. Anne Johnson




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