Ron Paul protects freedom

Ron Paul stands for freedom in all aspects of life, and has adhered to his principles for 30 years. No flip, no flop. As others sell out, Paul stands firm on constitutional principles of freedom and personal responsibility.


Paul has never voted for a tax increase and returns a portion of his operational budget every year.

Paul realizes the liberty of each American is only bound by the liberty of the Americans around him, and the rule of law should not inhibit personal freedom. As more freedoms are taken away and laws passed to allow Americans to be arrested and held without trial indefinitely, Paul continues to speak out against such injustice.

While the rest of the pack is backed by large corporate sponsors, Paul continues to raise money the old-fashioned way – through small donations of those who respect him and support his message.

Paul is the candidate for all who love freedom and want government to get out of their personal lives.

Ron Paul offers Paul-itics we can live with.

John Cornett

Chapin, S.C.



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