Obama saps our freedom

I heard a terrible rumor. I heard that President Obama signed a bill into law that would give him the right to detain and hold an American citizen without due process. Americans have heard almost nothing about this supposed action from the media. Where is the coverage?

While I am not religious by nature, I firmly believe that the biblical injunction that “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” is true. Obama has been setting himself up to be a dictator, and now we are seeing that the American citizens who thought that this was the case were correct. Obama neither will deport illegal aliens nor convict terrorists, but he will terrorize American citizens while taking away their constitutional rights. He is supported by a corrupt Congress and such outstanding politicians as Nancy Pelosi.

When are Americans going to stop being a nation of sheep and stop the corruption and ruin of the United States?

Victoria Antonacci

North Augusta, S.C.


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