BCS final meant something

Those who complained about the BCS championship game reveal a flickerball/arena football mentality, expecting a score on every series of downs. They seem not to understand that defense as well as offense is an art.


We viewers did see, in the words of The Augusta Chronicle’s Jan. 13 editorial headline, a “Bowl with meaning.” We saw the greatest demonstration of defensive football, accomplished against the No. 1 team in the country. Louisiana State University was undefeated and far more deserving of participation in the game than Oklahoma State University, which during the season lost to unranked, 30-point underdog, Iowa State University.

Also, the University of Alabama, with its 21-0 victory, left no doubt that they deserved to be there.

Yes, likely OSU, discovering that they could not run against Alabama, might have thrown 50 times, but it is hardly likely that it would have completed half that number. More likely it would have seen its passer sacked a half-dozen times and several passes picked off by Alabama’s excellent secondary.

No, I have no connection with the University of Alabama. I am, however, a longtime discerning college football fan who knows a great football game when I see one. We viewers did, indeed, see a bowl with meaning!

G. Daniel McCall




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