Merger questions persist

I have read with much interest the few articles concerning the merger of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University.


I am not opposed to the merger, and actually feel it may benefit both universities and the Augusta area. The problem I have is how the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents have handled the process.

My first impression is that it has been done way too quickly and without much feedback from the taxpayers, students or faculty. However, maybe that was their intention in the first place. That kind of reminds me of the way our governments – local, state and federal – do business: ram something through before any opposition can mount a defense.

The issue should have been given more time for consideration, more feedback and more explanation of benefits to each of the universities and to the community.

GHSU President Ricardo Azziz said “the process will be transparent to students, faculty and taxpayers.” While Azziz was referring to the implementation of the merger, the merger itself certainly was not transparent.

I surmise that the Board of Regents has been considering and planning this for quite some time. If this is correct, why in the world did the Board of Regents not stop Azziz from changing the name of the Medical College of Georgia last year? He has spent/wasted money on the name change, and now the name will more than likely be changed again with the merger.

Jerry Newman




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