Democrats aren't the answer

In the Jan. 13 Augusta Chronicle was a letter from Joaquin Godoy of Aiken (“Our nation can be saved”). What fantasy world does this man live in?


Didn’t he read any news reports, watch TV news, or listen to radio commentators over the past three years, or do any research before writing the letter? Mr. Godoy is a mad-dog Democrat in the ilk of Richmond County Democratic Party Chairman Lowell Greenbaum. They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on their rear ends. Reasonably-minded Democrats must be shaking their heads when they read Mr. Godoy’s letter.

One point Mr. Godoy made was that Vice President Joe Biden should step down. After listening to his gaffes over the years, I agree. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as President Obama’s vice president would make sense, but she is too strong a person for Mr. Obama. If it looks like Mr. Obama will get hammered in the coming election, he will take the position that he has decided not to run for re-election, and the Democratic Party will then nominate Mrs. Clinton for the presidency. If that happens, she will no doubt win.

Also, Mr. Godoy’s comment regarding the Israeli lobby has no merit. He should wake up, smell the roses and stop writing such inane letters. They show his ignorance of world events.

Richard Wilson

Aiken, S.C.

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