Writer chose views poorly

In response to the letter to the editor by Don Turner (“Writer was wrong on Iraq,” Jan. 2): In the words of Jack Benny, “Well!”


Two things to address here:

First, Congress was presented a bill of lies and manufactured “intelligence,” and made a foolish decision to go to war based on those falsehoods. Don’t like the facts? Tough – I don’t care about Mr. Turner’s bad choices, only the truth!

Second, at least Mr. Turner is honest about his opinions and states them categorically without the mealy-mouthed political correctness of so many of his ilk. Never mind that they are about as anti-American and unpatriotic as any I have seen printed in this paper, save those of former dictators, fascists, communists or cultists of the tyrants who have been rightly consigned to the dustbins of history by liberal American patriots and their progeny who gave us this form of government.

The men and women – many, like myself, immigrants, who have sacrificed so much to guarantee Mr. Turner’s right to spout such rubbish – must be rolling in their graves at the printing of this trash by this “servant” of the public trust. Yes, I mean you, Augusta Chronicle editorial staff.

Folks such as myself have honorably served this nation in peace and war, paid our taxes, raised families and contributed to society in many ways. Mr. Turner and his supporters (by implication, The Chronicle) must think that we folks will stand still for his idea of forced removal from Georgia because we think differently.

My dad, about as tough a character as I have ever met in my 64 years, had an appropriate response to such garbage: Try it, bub!

Roger P. Fortier


(The writer is a retired U.S. Army veteran.)



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